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Indian cinema has come up with some of the most popular sci-fi films ever, from aliens and outer space to time travel and artificial intelligence. There’s no film genre as infinitely imaginative or original as science fiction when it comes to great movies, particularly when you realize how broad the subject matter of science fiction is.

In reality, just like survival movies and end-of-the-world movies, the sci-fi genre has already explored a lot of ground on film. You can also look for new Telugu movies online on the Aha platform.

Of course, the beauty of sci-fi is that there’s something for everyone on the list, from thrilling action films to heart-pounding horror-thriller hybrids and even romantic movies set in a futuristic world.

Regardless of the subject matter, all of these sci-fi movies will provide an exciting, awe-inspiring experience — which will undoubtedly cause you to reflect, wonder, and marvel at life’s mere possibilities. You can also watchon Aha.

Watch the latest science fiction movies and increase your knowledge.

The forensic movie is one of the top-rated science fiction movies. The cast’s performances are more important than the narration in making the film work. The story of the movie revolves around an event that occurred ten years ago. The father kicks a young boy out of the house for conducting illegal animal experiments. In the present, he murders his father as an adult, and then we witness the gruesome murders of two young college girls on the outskirts of town.

Officer Rithika Xavier is assigned to the case of the murders, and her forensic specialist is Samuel John. Both of them have a troubled history in common, and it continuously becomes a roadblock in their investigation. People must find a way to work together to find the murderer. Is it the same individual who assassinated his father? If so, what’s the reasoning behind it? To find answers to your questions, you must watch the movie on Aha.

In the story, midnight murders, Anwar Hussain (Kunchacko Boban) is a psychologist who works with his close friend as a consulting criminologist in the Kochi Police Department. Surprisingly, Anwar comes across a case where a series of brutal police killings occur at midnight. After these killings, who is the criminal? What is the main idea after these crimes? This movie has an exciting story to watch.

Final thoughts

In this imaginative nebula known as science fiction, anything is possible. Filmmakers use science fiction to represent our aspirations, terrors, and current issues, just as they do with horror.

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