The majority of us have played board games before that cost around $20 each. What on the off chance that I told you that there is one that costs around $200 dollars? Well you are likely thinking ‘why is it so costly’? Well the game I am talking about is called Cash Flow 101 and it was created by Robert Kiyosaki.

cashflow boardgame

Kiyosaki is an effective author, businessman, investor and financial educator. He is perhaps best known for his books on financial education, for example, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Kiyosaki teaches how to generate enough residual income through investing, real estate and business to help yourself completely.

Kiyosaki claims that his Cash Flow 101 game will teach you how to escape the rat race and onto the fast track. It will show you how to have your cash work for you instead of working hard for your cash. It also teaches accounting, financing and investing. What you are probably wondering currently is how does it do this?

At the point when the game begins each player is given a card with a work title, salary and costs on it. Then it starts out like a twist on syndication and the game of life yet additionally with financial aspects. One of which is called opportunity cards, when the player lands on this they can decide to pick either a major or small opportunity and whether or not they wish to act on it. Kiyosaki suggests playing the game until you escape the rat race and onto the fast track.

Having read many of Kiyosaki’s books and enjoying each of them I was interested to perceive what cashflow boardgame resembled, so one night my companions and I got together and played it. I would say that it was surprisingly educational for an easy to play board game. It is also available in a Spanish form, a children rendition and an e-adaptation. I would suggest Cash Flow 101 as a great wellspring of information.

Kiyosaki has stated many occasions before that he encourages all entrepreneurial citizens to begin with an online business before moving into traditional businesses, because of the amount of leverage with the internet. The cash flow board game internet is an amazing tool that enables you to market your product to more than one billion individuals around the world, to me that is quite a large customer base. With the minimal expenses to join most network marketing companies, it really is amazing that you can be living the life of your dreams all from working at home with no major risk involved.