These days pretty much every person that is in the world has some kind of diet that ensures that they get everything they need to avoid various illnesses and the like at this current point in time. However, it should always be noted that this wasn’t really the case throughout most of human history. After all, people didn’t really know about what nutrients were required for them, and this resulted in them suffering from illnesses such as scurvy which are really quite unpleasant to have to go through and which you should focus on avoiding at all costs by consuming those nutrients that can help to keep it at bay for the long run.

One the most essential nutrients for you to incorporate into your diet if you want to avoid scurvy is vitamin C, and the great thing about limousine buses Charleston is that they can often help you to get more vitamin C without a shadow of a doubt. After all, most party bus rides involve you consuming alcoholic beverages, and a really popular mixer that you can use to turn your alcohol into a proper cocktail is orange juice.

Oranges are arguably the single most impactful way for you to get some more vitamin C in your diet. Sailors that went on really long voyages often suffered from scurvy which is why they stored a lot of oranges on board, and you should do the same as well. Suffering from scurvy can make you feel really sick and your joints will start to ache to the point where you would no longer be capable of moving all that effectively, so it might be a good idea for you to drink orange juice.